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The Admissions Advantage Provides a Roadmap to Success for Today’s Admissions Professionals

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Getting your prospects attention in a noisy world is the first step in admissions. 


A conversation to understand what a person wants and why they want it, is a critical step in assisting people to solve their educational pursuits.


People want answers to their problems. We must express our ideas in a compelling and persuasive way, but they must be unique answers based on what the prospect wants. Learn how now. 


A prospect has concerns, but how we address those concerns determines everything. 


You think they are a right fit?  And they think it is a right fit? Get their agreement and move the enrollment process forward. 


The telephone is the secret weapon at the admissions representatives disposal. Learn how to use it and turn it into the game changer that it is.

As a veteran Admissions Rep, this course still provided me a lot of tools and techniques that has made it easier for me to reach and get the attention of my prospects.

Dustin Hall - Veteran Admissions Rep (20 years as a DOA, Admissions Rep)

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