Leadership Advantage Coaching/Training Program

Our Leadership Coaching Program is a transformational learning process targeted at nurturing and sustaining change in participants to accelerate their performance, effectiveness and capacity as leaders and human beings. Our individualized program transforms leaders and organizations by building new ‚Äúmuscles‚ÄĚ required to support deep and lasting change desired.¬† We teach participants how to harness change or challenges, as development opportunities. We develop high levels of self-awareness required to observe, feel and act, and identify areas of resistance and personal ways of supporting change. We help you decide “What is important to you now?¬† By identifying ‚Äúhow you are “versus‚Äú how you want to be‚ÄĚ and the gaps in between. We help participants reinvent themselves, while preserving what makes them who they are, so positive change lasts and even grows.¬† We use this approach because we feel that when we are able to act as our best selves, we are less likely to default to old habits. We coach people who simply want to get better.¬† Participants will embrace rather than resist challenges as they start observing what is happening to them and self-managing the outcomes in their varied situations. Our coaching program will provide¬†participants:¬†

  • Increased ability to notice their own behaviors
  • Increased ability to take action with accountability.
  • Increased ability to live the life they want to live.

The Leadership Advantage coaching program is for the following people: 

  • Looking to move up in an organization and develop a game plan for advancement
  • Need to identify ways to overcome barriers to success or are looking for new solutions to stubborn management or leadership challenges.
  • Feeling that a change in their behavior or their team‚Äôs behavior will result in improved performance.
  • Not achieving their full potential due to certain habits or¬†behaviors who¬†may be preparing for a new job, promotion, stretch assignment, increased job or organizational complexity or other changing expectations.¬†
  • Going through Life transitions such as marriage, child birth, or divorce.¬†
  • High performers who want to enhance their potential and grow into a larger, more strategic roles
  • Are responsible for revenue generations for the company. (Sales)

What participants will get:

  • Becoming aware of how you currently perform by getting an accurate view of your behavior and impact to correct problems in a timely manner.
  • Improvement in self awareness and interpersonal skills.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Better time management skills.
  • Managing stress more effectively.
  • Create a vision for your life and career.
  • Establish goals and measurements on how to achieve those goals.
  • Helping you find ways to motivate your team.
  • How to make hiring decisions.
  • Problem solving skills for todays complex issues.


Course Information

Course Instructor

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Values, Vision and establishing goals 

Time Management and resource allocation 


Management vs. Leadership 

Leadership Style 

Purpose Casting 

Developing a mantra

Problem Solving




Emotional Intelligence