Admissions Coaching To Help Grow Your Enrollment


The Struggle Is Real

Higher education institutions across the country are asking their enrollment teams to recruit and retain more students on less budget with more competition. 


  • Are you struggling to increase conversion and yield?

  • Having problems increasing your net revenue?

  • Student referrals on the decline? 

  • Counselors having difficulty connecting with students?

  • Is your first-year retention rate low?

  • Can't find an alternative form of professional development to save time and money?

  • Do you need to see big results on a limited budget?

Admissions Advantage offers a unique live online coaching process that is designed to change your team's behavior to stand out from your competition and connect personally to more students.

How Does It Work?

  • LEARN a Proven Value-Driven Strategy

  • APPLY Coaching Immediately in Your Processes

  • GROW your prospect pool & your enrollment

How We Can Help
  • MikePrice

    The course helped my team have the confidence and skills to meet their goals and help their prospective students.

    Mike PriceVice President of Enrollment Managment-NorthCentral University

  • Laura jones

    We have used this course for years to train and develop our Admissions and Financial Aid teams to deliver results and serve our prospective students.

    Laura Jones - Former Talent and Training Manager for the Sullivan University System. 

  • dustin

    As a veteran Admissions Rep, this course still provided me a lot of tools and techniques that has made it easier for me to reach and get the attention of my prospects.

    Dustin Hall - Veteran Admissions Rep (20 years as a DOA, Admissions Rep)

  • joe

    The Admissions Advantage web-based course and live course was beneficial for myself and my team to meet and exceed our enrollment goals.

    Joe Romzek - Admissions Rep for ITT, Baker College, Sullivan University, Spencerian College, and The Art Institutes

What You Will Get

Access to a Complete Online Course System &

9 Lessons Designed to Help Your Team Stand Out


Getting your prospects attention in a noisy world is the first step in admissions. 


A conversation to understand what a person wants and why they want it, is a critical step in assisting people to solve their educational pursuits.


People want answers to their problems. We must express our ideas in a compelling and persuasive way.

Address Concerns

A prospect has concerns, but how we address those concerns determines everything. 


The underlying reason for doing something is called a motive, this is sometimes known, but can always be discovered. 


An enrollment commitment signals the end of a successful enrollment process and the genesis of a relationship. This is accomplished more easily when the early phases of the interview is conducted skillfully.


Once the enrollment is complete, the recruiting process must continue with follow-up. 

Ask for introductions

There is a saying that has been verified by research, that most people are the average of the five people they spend the most time with. Referrals must be asked for.

Action over the phone

The telephone lets us speak to a lot of people in a short period of time, if we know how to use it effectively.